Biden’s Envoy Under Fire For Not Doing Enough

( President Biden’s Iranian envoy is under fire for not doing enough to support the Iranian people’s protests against the hostile regime, according to the Daily Wire. Robert Malley, whose pro-Iranian and anti-Israel stance has reportedly followed him during his career in the administration, is facing harsh criticism after he, along with other Biden administration officials, refuse to acknowledge what the Iranian people are protesting.

“Marchers in Washington and cities around the world are showing their support for the Iranian people, who continue to peacefully demonstrate for their government to respect their dignity and human rights,” Malley tweeted on October 22, as protests for a new government raged in Iran.

He later deleted and apologized for the tweet.

Malley’s position is a reflection of the Biden administration’s ambiguous stance on the Iranian regime as State Department spokesman Ned Price allegedly echoed the sentiment, saying, “It’s not for us to interpret what the people of Iran are asking for. We would never intend to characterize what it is that they seek.”

But other reports are suggesting that the Biden administration is watering down the Iranian people’s desire for a new government.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz reportedly told the Washington Free Beacon that the Biden administration’s support of the current Iranian regime is predicated on their want of Iranian oil amid a failing anti-energy policy.

“That’s why they can’t bring themselves to support the calls by the people of Iran for regime change,” Cruz added.

Malley has also drawn criticism from Bryan Leib, executive director of Iranian Americans for Liberty, who called him the most ineffective State Department official in the last 50 years.

“It’s time for him to go,” Leib said. “His most recent gaffe on Twitter is just another example of how he has aligned the United States government with the Islamic Republic and not with liberty-seeking Iranian people.”

Richard Goldberg, senior adviser to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, attributed the administration’s soft stance on Iranian sanctions on Malley, saying that if he were to leave, then they would shift their focus on the Iranian people.

Biden has made it a priority of his presidency to renegotiate a nuclear agreement with the regime similar to the one crafted by Obama in 2015 but has largely failed. The agreement being negotiated currently continues the easing of sanctions on Iran, according to a report by conservative magazine American Pigeon. The administration has also sent mixed messages on his Iranian policy, while on the one hand calling for accountability for the regime and on the other offering sanction relief to make another deal look favorable.