Biden’s CAR CRASH Virtual Town Hall Shows His Clear Inability To Lead

( – Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to win the Democratic presidential nomination within a matter of weeks, and as part of his campaign to prove he’s the man for the job, he recently engaged in a virtual town hall. And it went terribly.

The car crash virtual event, which was influenced in part by the cancelation of rallies in the wake of the spread of the coronavirus, comes after a series of gaffes made by the Democratic hopeful on stage.

The virtual town hall took place on Friday at 6 p.m. Central in Illinois, and not only did Biden show a total inability to work with the camera, but it was also marred with technical issues and, at one point, a crying baby.

For starters, it took place two hours later than the initial starting time of 4 p.m.

Breitbart reports that, at the time of tuning in, their reporters could see Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth “fiddling with her camera phone, at one moment setting it on the table pointed straight up at the ceiling so America could see her light fixture.”

Later, after a baby could be heard screaming and crying, a moderator announced Senator Dick Durbin (who couldn’t be seen on camera). Finally, Joe Biden was announced, appearing in front of Illinois and American flags.

When he first started speakers, viewers couldn’t hear the audio. After some time, the audio kicked in, and Biden could be seen reading from a teleprompter.

Just as it looked like things were finally started to work out for Biden, the audio got stuck in a feedback loop, making it impossible to understand what he was saying. Realizing the issue, Biden passed over to Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General from the Obama administration, who offered viewers some advice about staying clean and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Breitbart uploaded the video in its entirety, unlike the Biden campaign. You can see for yourself just what a disaster it was.

When the audio issues were finally fixed, Joe Biden appeared on screen and answered some questions over the phone. However, when answering those questions, he appeared to walk around the stage and be cut off by the camera. Whenever he appeared out of shot, he appeared to be replaced with campaign imagery.

Everyone decided to call it a day at 6:43 p.m., realizing that it just wasn’t working out.

“I’m sorry this is such a disjointed effort here,” Biden said, as they signed off.

A combination of horrible planning, an inability to perform on camera, and constant and sometimes unintelligible rambling made the event a disaster for the Biden campaign.

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