Biden’s 2020 Lead Is Now SMALLER Than Clinton’s In 2016

( Remember how Hillary Clinton enjoyed substantial leads in the polls right up until election day, only to lose miserably on the night? Well, it looks like we could be headed to a similar situation this year too.

Joe Biden, now the official Democratic presidential nominee, was enjoyed a massive 14-point national lead over President Donald Trump but it has narrowed massively in recent weeks. The Democratic National Convention inspired nobody and didn’t help Biden in the polls, meanwhile, the Republicans held a hugely successful first two nights of their convention and left-wing riots have taken place in yet more American cities.

President Donald Trump is enjoying a “bounce” in the polls and while Biden still technically leads, CNBC reports that the polls are tightening in the battleground states to the point where he is even behind Hillary Clinton in 2016.

That’s not good for Biden for a couple of reasons.

The first is that President Donald Trump is known for garnering the support of what he calls the “silent majority.” They are the people who don’t respond to polls, or are perhaps too afraid to tell the pollsters who they are voting for out of fear of retribution.

You know how vicious left-wing activists can be when they find out people voted for President Donald Trump.

It’s also a problem because the pollsters are well-known for their oversampling of Democrat voters.

Could it be that President Donald Trump is heading for an even bigger victory than last time? History tells us it’s possible, and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, thinks so too.

Earlier this week, Gingrich predicted that Trump’s win in November will be “dramatically bigger” than many expect.

CNBC explains how Trump is becoming increasingly popular in swing states.

“In Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, 66% of likely voters said they have serious concerns about Covid-19, the survey released Wednesday found. The share fell from 69% in a poll taken two weeks earlier,” CNBC reported.

“The share of respondents who said they have ‘very serious’ concerns about the coronavirus dropped to 45% from 49%.”

In some states, like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, President Trump is performing better than he did at the same point in the campaign last time.

At this point in the campaign in 2016, Clinton had a bigger advantage in the polls in Pennsylvania than Biden does now by four points.

This is getting interesting.