Biden Takes Early Victory Lap With Senate Win

( President Joe Biden verbally ran a victory lap in Cambodia due to the Democrats appearing to regain control of the Senate in the midterm elections, but he emphasized that a win in the Georgia runoff is still vital.

He also called the country he visited “Colombia.”

President Biden spoke briefly with the media at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, just after the victory of Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto gave Democrats control of the Senate with 50 seats.

Biden praised Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and stated he knows he’s a cockeyed optimist, but he’s not surprised by the turnout. He believed this reflected the caliber of the candidates. They were all operating on the same program.

Let’s hope they finish counting the votes soon. It has already been over a week since election day.

After barely answering several questions coherently, Biden was asked a final one:

Reports show a reporter asking Biden if he felt stronger coming into the meeting with President Xi Jinping?

Biden answered that he knew he was coming in more robust but didn’t need that because he knew Xi Jinping.

He then claimed he spent more time with Xi than any other world leader.
He knew Xi, and Xi knew him. They knew each other. There was no confusion, and they had very few misunderstandings. In the upcoming two years, they must determine where their red lines are and what is most essential to each of them as their domestic situation has changed.

Biden then finished his brilliant statement with this:

And so, we’re going to have a…
We’re going to have a…
I think…

Biden was struggling to say that he always has straightforward discussions with Xi. There is never any miscalculation about where they stand. And he thought that it was critically important in their relationship.

According to reports, during their talk, China’s Xi did not allow Biden to speak of fentanyl, Covid, the Wuhan lab, or China’s human rights violations.

But Biden did have a nice time in “Colombia.”