Biden Takes “Cancer Moonshot” With Outrageous New Claims Amid Controversy

( President Joe Biden announced new plans on Monday to invest further in cancer research, revealing that he would reignite the “cancer moonshot” project with the aim of reducing the death rate of cancer by half over the next 25 years.

It certainly is a moonshot, but President Biden’s announcement was warmly received by people across the political aisle.

Biden also made the issue personal, as he does with everything, noting how his son Beau died of a form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma at the age of 46.

The president said that a lot has changed, making it possible to set more ambitious goals for cancer treatment.

Under the new plans, the Biden administration will aim to increase access to cancer screening, with a focus on “equity” – which presumably means discriminating against white people if not enough Black or non-white Americans apply to be screened. New plans are set to be unveiled that involve mobile cancer screening, at-home screening, and the establishment of health networks that encourage people across the country to come out and get tested.

Biden also said that his administration will use technology used to make the COVID-19 vaccines to help improve cancer research. Scientists will explore environmental exposure to cancer, including from pollution, and will receive funding from the bipartisan Infrastructure package for their research.

A new “cancer Cabinet” will also be named, which will consist of representatives from a number of federal agencies. These include the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the Food and Drug Administration.