Biden Struggles To Remember Obama’s Name

( Given that there’s no way Joe Biden would have ever become the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020, let alone a vice president in 2008, without the help of former President Barack Obama…you’d assume that Biden wouldn’t forget the man’s name.

But that’s exactly what he did during another confusing speech about his Cancer Moonshot Initiative. The president not only couldn’t remember President Barack Obama’s name, but also made strange comments about leaving a dead dog on a woman’s doorstep.

Yeah, we’re not kidding.

“I started the Cancer Moonshot which I worked very hard on in the administration…the administration I served in last,” he said.

It was a fairly quick save, by Biden’s standards, but it was still very clear that he couldn’t remember the words “Obama Administration.”

Seriously, take a look:

And this is the man leading the United States as a war between Ukraine, Russia, and NATO could begin any day now.

There’s a lot more to this story, too. It turns out that this isn’t actually the first time Biden has forgotten his former running mate’s name.

Here’s an entire thread of Biden forgetting Obama’s name over the years:

And we’re meant to believe he’s in perfectly good shape and that concerns about his cognitive abilities are just conspiracy theories pushed by white supremacists?

Come on…