Biden Slammed For Claim That He Watched Bridge Collapse

President Biden was met with mockery and disbelief on social media after claiming to have seen a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh the year before. His assertion was made public on Tuesday.

During a visit to a Milwaukee-based wind turbine generator manufacturer, Ingeteam, Biden promoted his economic plans and mentioned the catastrophe of 2022.

He said many of the people in attendance were with him when he was in Pittsburgh, with the city having the most significant concentration of bridges in the United States, thus the city’s nickname.

He stated he was on the scene and watched it collapse with about 200 feet of land going over a valley. He said thank God there were no students in school because of the pandemic.

A former congressional candidate named David Giglio referred to this claim as another of Biden’s made-up tales, saying it “must have happened on one of his long-haul trucking excursions.” (Biden once claimed in a speech to have been a trucker.)

The Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard said Biden turned up much later. He was in Pittsburgh on an infrastructure assignment but did not see the collapse.

Battleground podcast host Sean Parnell was astounded by the president’s comments saying he could guarantee Joe Biden did not personally see the bridge come down.

In an essay, Outkick radio host Dan Dakich questioned why, every day, another falsehood by Biden is made and tolerated.

Sunny McSunnyface, a conservative online personality, said there is “simply no way” for Biden to “get through a speech without objectively lying. One commenter wished for a “tracker” to keep track of the Biden lies, adding that CNN fact-checkers and others enjoy them.

Professional golfer Hunter Mahan said, “It’s astonishing how frequently he lies,” risking a collapse of his livelihood (like a Pittsburgh bridge) by expressing a view for the leftist cancel culture to pounce upon.