Biden Sets Stage For Civil War Among Democrats

( During his first press conference in 78 days, President Biden bristled at the idea that he is governing from the Left.

He snapped at reporters for supposedly trying to convince him that he’s Bernie Sanders, claiming he isn’t Bernie and he isn’t a socialist. “I’m a mainstream Democrat,” the old man proclaimed.

Despite Biden’s defensiveness, the “mainstream Democrats” in Congress beg to differ.

In a recent report, one Democrat lawmaker, speaking on the condition of anonymity told Politico that Democrats thought they were electing a centrist Democrat – someone who would work across the aisle and govern from the center. But what they got was a White House Chief of Staff who thinks Biden is Bernie Sanders.

This is the heart of the problem for Joe Biden.

The man is not in charge of his administration, and many believe the person responsible for pushing Biden further and further Left is his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain.

A “mainstream Democrat” doesn’t fly to Georgia and accuse his opposition of being on the side of segregationists and traitors.

A “mainstream Democrat” doesn’t try to radically transform our entire economic system and turn us into a welfare state.

Joe Biden’s presidency isn’t a “mainstream Democrat” presidency.

But Democrats have far-Left progressives pushing for these radical changes and “moderates” who rarely, if ever, stand up to them. And now the radical progressives are running the show because Ron Klain is the guy running the White House while “mainstream Democrat” Joe Biden wanders around aimlessly without a single clue.

In the 2010 Midterms, it was moderate Democrats, the so-called “Blue Dogs,” who bore the brunt of the Tea Party Revolution. And it’s shaping up that the same fate awaits the current moderate Democrats in November. The very Democrats who were pivotal in securing the 2018 “Blue Wave” are now on the chopping block.

Democrats abandoned the middle in favor of the extreme Left. And because the “mainstream Democrat” in the White House is not the guy in charge, the Biden administration is making the situation even worse.