Biden Security Adviser Dodges Question On Terrorism

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in late November refused to say whether the Biden administration’s decision to negotiate with Qatar to help free US citizens being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas could place Americans abroad at risk, NBC News reported.

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on November 26, Sullivan was asked by host Kristen Welker if he was concerned that the United States’ very public negotiations with Qatar and Hamas could send a message that the US is “willing to negotiate with terrorists” or if that could place “the lives of other Americans at risk on the world stage.”

Sullivan side-stepped the question, instead boasting that the administration under President Biden’s leadership has “been in the business” of “taking steps” to bring home the Americans who have been “unjustly detained” or taken hostage.

Sullivan said the administration has been “willing to make hard decisions” to return American hostages and the president “has no higher priority.”

He insisted that what matters to the Biden administration isn’t “precedent” or “policy” but the “simple principle” that the administration will do “everything in our power” to get any American held overseas back home “safely to their families.”

The Biden administration helped to negotiate the 4-day ceasefire that began on Friday, November 24 to exchange hostages held in Gaza with Hamas prisoners in Israel. The ceasefire was extended for two days and was set to expire on the morning of November 30 but was extended for one more day.

But on Friday, December 1, just one hour before the deadline, Hamas fired a rocket toward Israeli territory, violating the terms of the ceasefire.

In a post on X, the Israeli Defense Forces reported that a rocket was detected and intercepted by its missile defense system. According to the IDF, the rocket “violated the operational pause,” and as a result, the ceasefire had ended and Israel’s combat operations had resumed in Gaza.