Biden Says POC Will Suffer If Schools Remain Closed

( Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden hasn’t exactly been the champion of reopening schools during the COVID pandemic, but it looks like he’s backtracking as his campaign officials realize Trump could win the suburban mom vote by promising to keep the schools open. Speaking to members of the National Education Association this week, Biden said that people of color would suffer if the schools remain closed.

Not white people. Specifically, low-income “students of color.”

Race-baiting much?

Ironically, though, it’s probably not the message they wanted to hear. You might be forgiven for assuming that teachers and education professionals are concerned about getting the schools open again, but they’re not. In fact, they have been hugely critical of President Donald Trump’s repeated calls for the schools to reopen so students can go back to learning.

If Trump says it, it’s bad. Now that Biden’s saying it, they need to figure out a way to backtrack without looking hypocritical.

“I’d make sure states and districts have the funding to keep educators on the job in the midst of this crisis, boost federal funding to cover the cost of PPE, extra cleaning, new technologies, redesign classrooms, all the things schools are going to need to do to be able to open,” Biden said.

The quote was published in a graphic promoting Biden on the NEA Twitter account.

Biden made the comments, as usual, from the comfort of his own home. Despite lockdown measures being relaxed, and the use of masks encouraged to help people get back to normal life, former Vice President Joe Biden refuses to leave his house. He can be seen relaxing in a chair in his Delaware home, reading from notes to the conference.

“The long schools are closed and classes are remote, the more students, especially low-income students and students of color, fall behind,” he said. Biden didn’t explain what he meant, though.

Why do students of color suffer more than anybody else? Is he suggesting students of color have a problem learning from home? What is it, Joe?