Biden Reportedly Sent A Warning To China’s President

( According to President Joe Biden, he has cautioned his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that breaking the sanctions put in place by the United States against Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine would be a “gigantic mistake” and might harm Chinese investment.

During the Beijing Winter Olympics in February, Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin inked a “no limits” partnership, according to Biden, who said he spoke with Xi shortly after that.

Biden claimed he said that they’re making a colossal mistake if they think Americans and others are going to continue investing in China when they break the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“But it’s up to you to decide,” Biden warned.

Biden made clear that he wasn’t threatening Xi but rather cautioning him about the consequences of breaking the sanctions against Russia. He claimed that there had been no evidence of China providing weapons to back Russia up to this point.

To increase pressure on Moscow to stop its actions in Ukraine, Washington placed a number of sanctions on Russia. The European Union and many other nations have done the same.

The “no boundaries” agreement between Beijing and Moscow says that Russia rejects Taiwan’s independence “in whatever form” and recognizes it as an “indispensable part of China.” Beijing also supports Russia’s opposition to NATO expansion.

In addition, Biden reaffirmed past remarks he had made about his commitment to Taiwan’s security in the event of a mainland invasion, challenging Washington’s conventional stance of strategic ambiguity toward Taiwan.

In response to a question on whether the U.S. military would protect Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, Biden said: “Yes, if there were an unprecedented attack.”

China’s President Xi Jinping and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin discussed the sale of anti-ship and air-to-air missiles to Taiwan by the United States. It was the first meeting between the two since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in March 2014.

The visit comes just one month before the CCP’s 20th rubber-stamp National Congress, where Xi is anticipated to win an unprecedented third term.