Biden Pentagon let 50 Afghans posing serious security risks into the United States, watchdog finds

( According to a DoD inspector general report provided to Congress this week, the Biden administration failed to employ all available screening data to properly vet the Afghan refugees brought into the country after the collapse of Afghanistan.

The Defense Department Office of the Inspector General’s report found at least 50 Afghans that posed “potentially significant security concerns” were allowed into the United States. And worse, of the fifty with “derogatory information,” between 28 and 31 of them can no longer be located.

The Inspector-General warned that not finding these refugees “quickly and accurately could pose a security risk to the United States. What’s more, Afghan evacuees “with derogatory information” could mistakenly receive parole to remain in the country.

Among the questionable “refugees” permitted into the country were some individuals whose fingerprints were found on improvised explosive devices and others who are known or suspected of being terrorists.

The Inspector General’s report directly contradicts President Biden’s claim last year that no Afghans evacuated would be permitted into the United States until after they had been thoroughly vetted.

The president said at the time that the US was conducting “thorough” security screenings for everyone evacuated from Afghanistan who was not a citizen or lawful resident of the United States.

Just another Biden lie that poses a significant threat to US national security.

The IG cited a series of bureaucratic blunders that prevented the Pentagon from fully vetting the refugees who were brought into the continental US.

In short, the evacuees were not vetted by the National Counterterrorism Center “using all DoD data.”

Customs and Border Protection enrollments were compared against Homeland Security’s Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) data. Problem is, DHS’s data did not initially include all the biometric data in the Defense Department’s Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) database because the Pentagon’s National Ground Intelligence Center “has agreements with foreign partners that prohibit the sharing of some ABIS data” with other US agencies.

Great job, guys!