Biden Only Gave 1.5% Of Income To Charity Last Year, Trump Gave ENTIRE Annual Salary For Years

( After Democrats and left-wing media outlets attempt to portray President Donald Trump as a businessman who doesn’t pay his taxes (he does), a report by Breitbart News shows that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden not only uses an S-corp to avoid paying over half a million in taxes per year but also only gave 1.5% of his income to charity.

Breitbart reported how the gross annual income for Joe and Jill Biden in 2019 was $985,233, but they only gave $14,700 to charity. The outlet also reported how Biden has a history of holding back on giving money to charity, having only given an average of $369 per year for the ten years before his 2008 run with Barack Obama for the White House. Prior to that, Biden had never given over $995 to charity in a single year.

To be fair, the Bidens did increase their giving when their earnings increased, and in 2018 peaked at $278,796 in donations – but by 2019, it has dropped back down to very little.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany exposed the plot to portray President Trump as someone who doesn’t engage in charitable giving by explaining how he has donated his entire presidential salary every year to various government-run projects. The president has donated some $1.4 million in salary so far to the federal government, in just his first term alone.

Donald Trump Jr responded to the accusations that President Donald Trump doesn’t pay his taxes during a Fox News interview this week, in which he explained how the president has paid millions of dollars in personal taxes and created thousands of jobs.

If Joe Biden is only giving 1.5% of his gigantic annual income to charity, how can he attack the president over his taxes…especially when he is reading the tax returns wrong in the first place?