Biden Officials Are Releasing “Refugees” Randomly From Bridge Camp

( This week the Biden administration began slowly revealing to journalists that they are planning to release the estimated 15,000 Haitian nationals who illegally crossed into the United States from Mexico. The quiet announcement was presumably done in the hope that it wouldn’t reach national news, but it is.

And by “release,” they don’t mean back into Mexico – they mean into the United States. That’s an additional 15,000 people, many of whom don’t even speak English, who will need to find housing, work, and even classrooms until they are eventually given a court date.

If they ever get a caught date…

The announcement means that the United States could be set to see even more Haitian migrants illegally crossing into the United States, with many of those who have arrived already calling family members and friends back home or currently on their way to tell them that they have been released.

Morgan Chesky, an NBC Nightly News reporter, revealed on Monday that senior Department of Homeland Security officials had told their network that the Biden administration will allow unaccompanied children and most families from Haiti to stay in the United States, with only single adults being deported.

No word, of course, on how they are determining who is and isn’t family. Anybody could just claim to be a family member of a group that is told they can stay.

Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies, responded to the news saying that Haitians “aren’t idiots” but “rational actors,” meaning they always know to bring a child with them.

According to Breitbart, U.S. government officials are on track to allow roughly 2 million more illegal aliens into the United States this year, which is around one alien for every two Americans born.

Let’s face it – Biden just wants to give them citizenship so they can vote.