Biden Official Reacts After Hillary Clinton Becomes A Target

( Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently blasted the State Department in his new book, “ Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love,” according to The Washington Examiner. He reportedly accused many inspector generals of tackling low-hanging fruit rather than going after fraud and crime.

Telling a story of when he was working in the Trump administration, Pompeo wrote that he had once called the department to ask them if they could write him a memo for an evidently unethical financial scheme between him and his wife. He said that he told them that his wife “flies to foreign countries to give speeches for a fee of $500,000 each, all of it paid for by foreign governments, with the proceeds going to the ‘Pompeo Foundation.’”

He added that those working in the foundation may also be government employees and he requested a memorandum saying that this activity was lawful. He said that their reaction confirmed the politics the department plays.

“The ethics team didn’t get it. What I had described was exactly what Secretary Clinton and her husband had done when she sat on the seventh floor,” he said, adding that while Hillary was the secretary of state, Bill was “sticking a tin cup in front of world leaders.”

Pompeo continued to say that after informing them he was kidding, he requested that they produce him the same memo that allowed the Clintons to engage in that activity and alleged that from that moment on the Department of State waged a war on him. Describing leaks from the department that were designed to undermine him, Pompeo claimed that he subsequently fired the inspector general.

While the media jumped on the opportunity to report that the IG was fired because he was on to a major scandal involving the secretary of state, Pompeo said that no one had informed him of the investigations and no ethical violation was ever found.