Biden Nominee’s Marxist Past May Come Back To Bite Her

( “Moderate” Joe Biden sure isn’t picking moderate nominees, is he? The latest radical nominee facing significant pushback in the Senate is open Marxist Saule Omarova.

Biden nominated Omarova to run the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) either despite of or because of her long history of promoting Marxism and calling for an end to banking “as we know it.” Omarova advocates for scrapping private bank accounts and migrating every Americans’ accounts to the Federal Reserve.

Shockingly, this radical Cornell Law School professor used to work in the Treasury Department under former Republican President George W. Bush.

Omarova, who later fled the Soviet Union for the United States, attended Moscow State University where she wrote the thesis “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” Republicans have demanded that Omarova turn over her thesis to the Banking Committee to no avail.

While her Marxist sympathies seem a perfectly legitimate concern to bring up when considering her nomination, Senate Democrats are accusing Republicans of “McCarthyism” for daring to address the fact that Biden’s pick to head up the regulatory agency for banking is an avowed Marxist.

Democrats believe that because Omarova “fled” communism, Republicans have no right to point out that she may have left the Soviet Union, but she brought her communism with her.

Other Democrats, however, aren’t as supportive of Omarova. Senator Jon Tester of Montana told Politico that he too has concerns about her nomination.

On Monday, a Senate GOP aide told Fox News that it would not be surprising if Omarova’s nomination stalls in committee. But if her nomination does make it to the full Senate, it is likely to face significant pushback from Republicans.

For her part, Omarova claims the opposition to her nomination is because she is an immigrant and a female minority. Because of course.

She denies that she is a Marxist. And regarding her mysterious thesis which she refuses to turn over, Omarova said she had no choice to write what she did because in the Soviet Union there was no academic freedom.

However, Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), who has demanded to see the thesis, argued that Omarova belonged to a Marxist discussion group on Facebook as recently as 2019.

But it isn’t just Senate Republicans who object to Omarova’s nomination. The banking industry opposes her as well.

Rob Nichols, CEO and President of the American Bankers Association, told Fox News that, despite Omarova’s “impressive personal journey,” he has “serious concerns” about her ideas to fundamentally restructure the country’s banking system. Nichols argues that Omarova’s proposals would “nationalize America’s community banks.”