Biden Meets With Palm Reader Girl Whose Father Is Still In Collapse Missing

( When President Joe Biden visited the site of the tragic Surfside condo collapse last Thursday, he met with a girl who read from the Bible at the site while search and rescue teams continued to look for her father.

The controversial president turned up with his wife, Jill Biden, to talk to people who were affected by the collapse. And it was a great photo-op, obviously.

Among those he met was a 12-year-old girl named Elisheva Cohen. According to media reports, Cohen’s father and uncle were both in the building when it collapsed are understood to have been trapped beneath the rubble.

Cohen made the news when she walked away from her family members from the rubble and began reading from Psalms from her phone. She was seen by the Mayor of Surfside, Charles Burkett, who watched her as she kneeled and prayed. He asked if he could pray with her and she let him.

Burkett said that it really “brought it home” to him and that she wasn’t just crying, she “as just lost.”

President Joe Biden – who says he’s Catholic, honest he is! – posed with the 12-year-old girl after he asked to meet her.

It would be a little more heartwarming than it really was if President Joe Biden even knew what Psalms is. He can’t even pronounce it.


We are of course praying for those who have died in the tragic Surfside collapse, and for every single member of their families.