Biden Lies To America: “This Is Disturbing Stuff”

( President Joe Biden often has anecdotes of his life as a public servant that resembled the average worker, but his most recent convoluted story was about the time he took traveling with Amtrak. Biden told the story a handful of times and each time it needed a fact-check because it never actually happened, according to The Western Journal.

Invoking the name of a late conductor, Angelo Negri, 83, Biden claimed that he was once congratulated on traveling over 1 million miles on the train. But the story is rife with holes, according to CNN.

As the story goes, Biden alleged that he rode Amtrak trains so much, sometimes he rode with the engineers.

“And I’m the only guy that I’m aware of, when I stopped riding Amtrak that had a key to get in the back,” he said.

In another instance, Biden recounted the story in a slightly different way, invoking Negri and the Secret Service. The president said that the service always wanted him to fly “in the small jets that were available as vice president” because they were faster, whereas the train makes too many stops. But because it was so expensive to fly, Biden would take the train.

He said that every Friday, he would take the train home to see his mother, who was allegedly dying. Biden noted that during this time the newspapers had run with a headline saying that he flew over 1 million miles on planes.

“And so, I’m getting on the train on that Friday… and a guy named Angelo Negri came up, and he goes, ‘Joey, baby!’” Biden recalled, adding that he thought the Secret Service was going to shoot him before he said he was a friend. Negri then allegedly said that he and his friends did the math and calculated that Biden had traveled over a million miles in all his years taking the train.

But the story doesn’t add up, according to The Associated Press. The outlet noted that his mother had died in 2010, years before the story takes place, which is in 2012 or 2013. In addition, Negri retired in 1993 and died in May 2014.