Biden Is Suggesting A Meeting With Vladimir Putin

( If Vladimir Putin is interested in stopping his war in Ukraine, President Joe Biden has stated that he would be open to talks with him.

A reporter translated the query during a press conference held on Thursday with French President Emmanuel Macron.

“We hear not you will be talking to President Putin any time soon. What is your approach? And as the Ukrainian war seems to be a turning point, do you feel realistic that President Zelensky is putting a condition to open negotiations, and that is the return of Crimea to Ukraine?” the reporter queried.

In response, Biden said that while he has no imminent plans to speak with Putin, he is willing to do so if it will help end the Russian invasion.

Biden said there is only one sensible way for this war to end. First and foremost, Putin needs to leave Ukraine. But it seems he won’t go through with that. He’s paying a very high price for not doing it, but the Ukrainian civilian population is being subjected to unbelievable, unbelievable slaughter- the bombing of childcare facilities, hospitals, and houses. “What he’s doing is sick.”

“But the truth is that I don’t currently have any intentions to speak with Mr. Putin. If there is interest in Mr. Putin deciding to look for a means to stop the war, I’m willing to speak with him,” Biden said.

“He still hasn’t done it,” Biden noted. “If that’s the case, I’ll be pleased to meet with Putin and learn what he has in mind while consulting with my French and NATO friends.” “He still hasn’t done it.”

Biden continued by saying that Putin made a mistake in predicting how Russia would perform in Ukraine.

Biden said, in the interim, he believes what Emmanuel stated is crucial. We must assist the people of Ukraine. It seems inconceivable that Putin will ever be able to defeat Ukraine.

“Imagine him attempting to occupy that nation for the ensuing two, five, or twenty years,” Biden remarked. “Every single calculation he made, in the beginning, was incorrect. He believed that the Russian-speaking sections of the Ukrainian community would welcome him with open arms.”

“Read his speech from the time he invaded, when I predicted that they would invade, and when they actually did as predicted,” Biden boasted.

The question is, according to Biden, what is Putin’s strategy for getting out of his current situation?