Biden Is Furious Nobody Wants Him To Run

( According to reports, President Joe Biden is “irked” and “irritated” that certain Democrats and affiliated media outlets are against him running for office again in 2024.

Aides claim President Biden is irritated by the constant questions. This is even though many mainstream media outlets and Democrats have publicly declared their opposition to a potential Biden 2024 run.

In April, Biden allegedly informed former President Barack Obama that he planned to run for president in 2024 because he believed he was the only Democrat capable of defeating a prospective candidacy by former President Donald Trump. Due to Biden’s advanced age and dubious record as president, polls, the media, and several Democratic members of Congress are against the proposal.

Biden’s political future being questioned has hit a chord with the president. Reportedly he has been “irritated” by the “lack of respect from their party and the press” and has complained that there have been “few and far between” “shows of allegiance.”

Democrats and the media’s lack of regard for Biden appears to be the least of his problems. Voters are divided: 71% think the country is going the wrong way, while 58% think Biden should be transparent about his mental health. According to Civiqs’ rolling average as of Sunday, Biden’s approval rating was likewise at 32%, tying an all-time low.

Despite the unfavorable statistics, Biden has told advisors he envisions a reprise of the early days of his 2020 primary campaign when some Democrats wrote him off as being too elderly or too moderate to win the nomination. He attributes the latest round of inquiries to the same naysayers.

Although he has stated he will consider his family’s counsel, Biden has told his advisers that “he is committed to running again.” Biden and his advisers probably understand the political danger associated with the idea that Biden will only serve one term as president.

Americans don’t appear to be buying Biden’s assurances, it seems. Most Americans anticipate that Vice President Kamala Harris will succeed Biden before his first term is over. Additionally, most respondents think Biden is unsuitable to serve as president and question his mental capacity.

It is unclear who would succeed Biden if he does leave office in 2024. There doesn’t appear to be agreement on who Trump may face and beat in a potential third bid for office. Biden’s “capacity to take the battle to former President Donald J. Trump a second time” has prompted caution from The Times.

Many believe Biden didn’t beat Trump the first time, let alone beat him a second.