Biden Has Problem During His Speech

( According to a report, President Joe Biden gave an incoherent speech in Poland. He also promised an endless war if necessary, as Russia announced its withdrawal from the Nuclear START pact. 

Biden again stumbled while reading from his teleprompter.  The message he delivered seemed to be that the United States would endlessly provide military aid to Ukraine. 

According to, you can also count on Joe Biden to lie.  

Joe Biden has made up stories on everything from a poolside villain named CornPop to being jailed while going to meet Nelson Mandela. He even tells stories about the tragic deaths of his son, daughter, and first wife. Also, he said that he grew up with Puerto Ricans and attended a historically black university. 

He tried to curry favor with the Polish public at the address in Poland. 

It was revealed that Biden had fabricated a tale about his upbringing among Poles and his desire to be dubbed “Bidenski.” 

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at his state of the nation speech that Moscow would be withdrawing from the New START treaty, an agreement with the United States that limits the number of nuclear weapons each country may possess. 

According to reports, Putin claimed the West intends to inflict a strategic loss on Russia and simultaneously attempt to get to the nuclear facilities. Hence, he said he regretfully had to announce that Russia would no longer be adhering to the “Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms.” 

Putin claimed that the Ukrainian people are captives of the West and that Russia is not at war with them. 

More long-range weaponry being deployed to Ukraine means more time spent keeping the danger away from Russia’s borders. 

Reports show Moscow’s ambassador to the UN has labeled the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines as an act of international terrorism and said that evidence of U.S. involvement is more than a smoking gun.  

Reports citing Russian sources have suggested that Russia conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test while Biden was in Ukraine on Monday.