Biden Goes Quiet After Hate Crime Mass Shooting Against Taiwan People

( As he prepares to travel to Asia, President Joe Biden has not commented on a horrific shooting in California last weekend motivated by hate towards Taiwan.

David Chou (Chou Wenwei), 68, an American born in Taiwan and a Chinese Communist Party umbrella organization member, reportedly chained shut the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, California, and opened fire on Taiwanese worshippers at a pastor’s luncheon.

He murdered one and wounded five before being overpowered by congregants.
The victims ranged in age from 66-92-year-old.

Authorities claimed that Chou’s automobile had materials indicating he was “upset” by Taiwan’s existence.

The suspect previously protested in Las Vegas against Taiwanese “demons.”

Taiwan is near China. It has a democratic, autonomous government, although the Communist Party calls it a “province” of China. Beijing has never ruled Taiwan, and China has no sovereign authority over Taiwan.

Biden didn’t mention the incident during a White House reception for Asian-Americans on Tuesday.

The president referenced “hate crime shootings in Orange County, California, and Dallas, Texas” but did not address the shooter’s anti-Taiwanese prejudice.

Biden promised to call out and expose bigotry in Buffalo, New York, when an anti-black racist killed ten people in a grocery shop.

Biden said silence equals complicity. Involvement. “We can’t be silent.”

According to his words, Biden has been complicit in the shooting of the Taiwanese.

Kamala Harris has sworn to denounce prejudice but hasn’t addressed the California shooting. Harris, whose mother is Indian, became the first Asian American vice president.

During the White House event, Harris declared that she and the President would not remain silent. She said they will always speak out against violence, hate crime, and prejudice.

The White House couldn’t explain why Biden and Harris kept silent about the California massacre when reporters asked if he had called China and Taiwan’s leaders or was concerned about tensions between the two nations.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre downplayed the topic on Thursday, grouping the reportedly Chinese nationalist-inspired shooting with other shootings.

“I don’t have any Chinese or Taiwanese calls to preview,” she stated. Our prayers are with anyone touched by gun violence, including this weekend’s occurrences in Houston, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Buffalo.