Biden Flees Reporters As They Ask Him Tough Questions

( After returning from Camp David, the country retreat reserved for the president of the United States located in the Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland, President Joe Biden flat-out refused to answer questions from the White House press corps.

It’s been more than two months since the president held a press conference, and his unwillingness to answer tough questions after enjoying yet another short vacation indicates that things might not be going quite as smoothly as he would like…and that his administration isn’t the most transparent one in modern history after all.

Take a look at this video footage of Biden ignoring journalists who were itching to speak to him. At the time, it was 69 days since he last held a press conference – and at the time of publishing, he still hasn’t held one.

It comes as Biden’s approval ratings drop once again, to a shocking 33%. A Quinnipiac University study showed Biden suffering a massive 17 percentage-point reduction from February of last year, showing how Americans are deeply unhappy with the president’s inability to control prices, rebuild the economy, and bring the days of COVID-19 restrictions to an end.

Over half of all respondents – some 53% – said they disapprove of Biden’s job so far, while 13% said that they didn’t have an opinion.