Biden Deploys Guards To Haiti

( The United States has reportedly sent protective personal to the United States embassy in Haiti following the assassination of the country’s president, Jovenel Moise.

Reuters learned of the deployment of U.S. personnel from three American officials, who also revealed that less than a dozen people were deployed following the assassination. However, it remains unclear how many – if any – have returned to the United States.

A Department of State spokesperson told the press that the safety of personnel from their department serving abroad and at home is their “highest priority” and that they are continuing to assess security measures. The spokesperson also added that they could not discuss the specifics of the security measures being taken to protect American embassy workers overseas.

The assassination of President Moise is believed to have been organized by dozens of people, including a number of dual-citizen Haitian Americans. One man, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, has been detained and is believed to have been central to the entire operation.

To help protect the country’s infrastructure in the wake of the attack, the Haitian government requested American military assistance. President Joe Bien’s White House has not yet confirmed any plans to send U.S. troops to Haitai, presumably knowing that getting involved in foreign conflict is something that a president will always be remembered for…and he’s busy trying to take credit for President Trump’s long-planned withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

On Sunday, U.S. officials from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, and Department of State traveled to Haiti where they will continue to assess the security of the country and assist with ongoing investigations into who is responsible for the attack.