Biden Collapses In International Polling

( Last week, Pew Research Center released a report showing that confidence in Joe Biden’s leadership hasn’t just cratered here in the United States, it has cratered worldwide.

Pew’s analysis found confidence in the senile old codger has dropped on average about 15 points from where it was a year ago.

Some of the biggest drops were found in Italy (down 30 points), Greece (down 26), and Spain (down 25).

The other countries above the average 15-point drop were Singapore (down 22 points), France (down 21), and the Netherlands (down 19).

Among the countries with comparable data from last year, only South Korea showed up bump in confidence for Biden, and that bump was only 3 points.

According to Pew, Biden’s initial high confidence worldwide was due to countries’ relief that Donald Trump was no longer president. But since then, the rebound post-Trump has faded and Biden hasn’t exactly done much to instill confidence in the intervening year – especially given the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

While the Pew survey shows that, on average, countries supported the withdrawal from Afghanistan by 51 percent, 57 percent said Biden handled it poorly.

Even with old Joe’s post-Trump bump, he has not come close to enjoying the stratospheric level of confidence countries had for former President Barack Obama.

In a way, who cares?

The President of the United States shouldn’t be seeking the approval of the citizens in other countries. Last year, however, the American news media made hay over Biden inspiring higher confidence than Trump. So for them, seeing Biden’s confidence numbers plummet won’t come as good news.

Pew compiled its report based on surveys in 18 countries that polled a total of 19,903 adults between February 14 and May 11.

Read the full report HERE.