Biden Claims MAGA Movement Is Dying

In a recent interview with ProPublica, President Biden discussed his thoughts on the MAGA Republican movement, suggesting it might weaken yet remain a potential threat.

Discussing the movement’s trajectory, Biden commented, “It might be the tail-end of the major re-emergence of the MAGA Republicans. Trump seems convinced he must succeed.”

Interviewer John Harwood inquired if the diminished violent events during the 2022 midterm elections might indicate a lesser threat to democracy. Contrarily, Biden expressed, “I perceive a different trend, John. [Trump] is determined to go all out. Some of his statements are shocking for a former president.”

Currently entangled in legal troubles regarding alleged efforts to influence the 2020 election, Trump has also blamed Democrats for undermining democracy. He’s criticized the numerous charges against him and claimed efforts to invoke the 14th Amendment to prevent his future candidature as “election meddling.”

The 14th Amendment dictates that those involved in “insurrection or rebellion” cannot hold federal office. Some believe Trump’s role in the events of January 6 might disqualify him.

Recently, Biden spoke in Arizona, addressing concerns about U.S. democracy — his fourth such address, as noted by the White House.

Biden remarked that “Trump and his MAGA followers seem intent on destabilizing American democracy” and criticized “congressional radicals” for their extremist views.

When asked about Trump’s potential disqualification, Biden refrained from commenting but highlighted that expert opinions differ.

The President also expressed concerns about the Supreme Court upholding the rule of law, especially given its conservative majority. “While I’m apprehensive about the MAGA faction’s approach to the rule of law, I remain hopeful that this Supreme Court will maintain its core principles,” Biden noted.

He also reiterated his stance on implementing ethical reforms for the judiciary, alluding to recent controversies surrounding certain justices.

Public polls have shown concerns regarding Biden’s age. At 80, he holds the record as the oldest U.S. president. By the end of a potential second term, he’d be 86.

However, Biden emphasized that while he believes he’s the most apt Democrat to safeguard democracy, others could too. He warned about global threats to democracy but concluded with confidence in the overall integrity of the American populace.

Biden conveyed his belief that most Americans are principled and honest. He said, “I’m convinced that the vast majority are good-hearted and sincere. The real issue lies with a tiny minority.”