Biden Campaign Eyes GOP Debate For Promotional Material

Before next week’s first GOP primary debate, the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee want to emphasize the differences between the president’s policies and those of “MAGA Republicans.”

On August 23rd, at 9 PM, Fox News will conduct the first Republican primary debate in Milwaukee.

To “hold Republican candidates responsible for the radical MAGA beliefs the Republican candidates express from the debate stage,” the Biden campaign and the DNC would maintain a united “aggressive war room” in Washington, DC.

The Biden campaign representatives will also be in Milwaukee next week to “meet with local leaders and important constituents” before and after the debate. In addition to meeting with Black voters and women in the suburbs, DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison will host engagement activities in Milwaukee.

A Biden re-election official said the campaign would soon launch its third big paid media purchase.

Three static billboards and one mobile billboard will be used in a campaign by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) around Milwaukee when the Republicans enter the stage for the debate.

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez claimed that next week’s Republican debate would show “just how radical and out of touch the Republican candidates are with the American people.” That’s why we will use tonight’s debate to rally our base, get people excited about the Biden-Harris ticket, and get more people on board with our plans to strengthen the middle class and safeguard the rights of all Americans.

The campaign would emphasize the sharp difference between the two candidates and the importance of the decision voters face, she said, adding, “The 2024 Republican primary is a contest for the MAGA base, not an attempt to gain the support of the people they’ll need to win in November 2024.”

The Biden campaign will watch for valuable soundbites to “go to war” with the GOP.