Biden Caller Says “Let’s Go Brandon” Represents Anger Against The White House

( During a recent interview on Newsmax, the man behind the “Let’s go, Brandon” Christmas phone call with President Joe Biden explained why he did it, and what the saying means to millions of Americans.

Jared Schmeck told Carl Higbie, who was guest-hosting for Greg Kelly, that he used the phrase during his unexpected Christmas Eve call with the president because it encompasses much more than the “F Joe Biden” message. Instead, he said, the message actually encompasses the entire “frustration” with the Biden administration and the policies they have advanced over the last year.

“What’s happening in Afghanistan? They’re not even talking about that anymore,” he told Higbie. “There are still people over there…You’ve got the supply chain issues, you’ve got the insane inflation rates right now, the federal vaccine mandates, the list goes on and people are tired of it.”

In response to Schmeck’s comments, which were aired on a live television broadcast and embarrassed both the president and his wife, Schmeck said that he received a plethora of death threats from Democrats and supporters of the president.

“They’re trying to silence me,” he said, explaining how death threats are their tactic to get him to be quiet.

“It’s always the same game plan, and we have to stand up,” he said.

Remember the reports that said Schmeck wasn’t trying to be rude to the president? Well, they were right. He wasn’t trying to be rude – but that doesn’t mean he supports the president. Quite the opposite, in fact.

See the full interview here.