Biden Brags Gas Prices Down “30 Days In A Row” Despite Prices Being Up 60% Year Over Year

( During his White House meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador last Tuesday, President Biden bragged that the price of a gallon of gas had been dropping for “30 days in a row.”

The president got defensive after Obrador had remarked on the high cost of gas in the United States compared to Mexico during their meeting at the White House.

You see, Obrador had been telling our senile president that gas is only $3.12 a gallon in Mexico. He said Americans have been driving across the southern border to fill up on Mexico’s cheaper gas rather than get their gas in the states.

And old Joe was a bit stung. So he decided to spin the current high cost of gas as not being as bad as the recent record high from June.

And while gas prices have dropped from their record-high average of $5.01 a gallon down to $4.65 a gallon last Tuesday, the lower price is still significantly higher than it was the previous year at that time.

During the last peak in gas prices in 2008, the highest gas got was $4.11 a gallon. So bragging that gas is only $4.65 a gallon instead of $5.01 smacks of desperation.

At the end of the day, gas prices are still at record levels.

Throughout the Trump presidency, the average price per gallon never got above $2.96.

Bragging about it dropping to $4.65 is pretty lame.

But never underestimate Joe Biden’s vanity.

To have Mexico’s president show him up about gas prices no doubt bruised his ego. And in a defensive fit of pique, old Joe decided to toss out the lamest “well, oh yeah?” ever.

But this is the same administration that bragged about saving Americans 16 cents on their July 4 Cookouts in 2021.

When you don’t have a lot of good news on the economy, your only hope is to make the bad news sound less bad.