Biden Blames Republicans After Deadly Shooting

President Joseph Biden blamed congressional Republicans for Monday’s deadly shooting in Louisville, Kentucky.

Four people were murdered, and six others, including a peace officer, were wounded when a shooter began firing inside the Old National Bank. At the outset of his remarks, Biden thanked the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department officers who immediately and bravely went into the line of fire to rescue others.

Biden laid the responsibility for the horrific massacre squarely on the shoulders of Republican legislators in his second paragraph.

He asked how many more innocent people must die before Republican lawmakers in Washington do anything to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods. 

He said the time has come to mandate secure gun storage. All firearms sales should be subject to background checks. Take away gun makers’ shields from legal responsibility. Biden argued that the time had come to take action.

According to a recent poll, many gun safety changes are supported by a large majority of Americans. Instead, he said, we’ve seen Republican lawmakers in Florida, North Carolina, and the U.S. Congress double down on harmful legislation that makes our neighborhoods, schools, and places of worship less secure. Biden also said that it was “unconscionable,” “reckless,” and that too many Americans were losing their lives.

The March shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, in which a transgender gunman murdered six people, was the latest in a series of calls by the president for a ban on “assault weapons and high-capacity magazines” from Congress.

In a subsequent statement, Biden extended gratitude to law enforcement and emergency personnel while also bringing attention to the pain and anguish that each victim would experience. He went on to advocate for stricter background checks, safe storage regulations, and removing weapons manufacturers’ immunity from prosecution.