Biden Becomes Overwhelmed By Questions, Walks Away

( President Joseph Biden stepped away from reporters on Thursday after he grew visibly upset while answering their questions.

Only days after a Chinese surveillance balloon was discovered over Montana and other states, Biden updated the nation on the recent action taken by the U.S. government to shoot down numerous items flying over the continental United States. The timing of Biden’s first attempt to deflate the situation has been criticized.

To defend himself, Biden said that he issued the order to shoot it down as soon as it would be safe.

He said it threatened people on the ground and was the size of several school buses.

Biden explained that our agencies monitored the balloon, evaluated what it could do, and gained a deeper understanding of its mission. And since they were tracking its route, the U.S. was able to safeguard vulnerable areas from information gathering.

He said the military waited until it was over water, where it would be less likely to harm and where they could retrieve more of its parts for analysis.

He said, “we shot it down.” He gave the order, and it was to clarify that any attempt to undermine our sovereignty would not be tolerated. We took action to defend the nation, President Biden exclaimed.

Then, reporters attempted to ask Biden questions; he was open to answering some of them at first, gazing around the room as reporters screamed over one another.

At one point, a reporter can be heard saying, “Sir, there’s been criticism that this was…” while another asks, “Do your family’s business relationships compromise you?”

“Give me a break, man,” Biden remarked.

A reporter is questioned again if his actions were an overreaction and if he succumbed to political pressure.

Biden turned away from the platform and left despite the crowds of reporters demanding questions.

Then Biden mumbled something about “polite people.”