Biden Administration Sees Inflation Increase In Spike Biggest In 13 Years

( President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy so far has been atrocious, which is why it’s not surprising to learn that inflation was up 5.4% year over year this September – the highest in 13 years.

Prices across the board increased by 0.4% in September, and 0.3% in August. The biggest drivers of inflation at the moment at gas, food, and goods more generally, meaning the people being hit the hardest are average Americans who have already endured the economic troubles that come with a year-long lockdown.

The cost of meat is up by 12%, the cost of gas is up by 42%, and inflation overall is 5.4%…which presents questions.

Maybe the Democrats want you to switch to electric cars and choose vegan meat instead of real meat.

Could that be their plan?

Economists had predicted inflation to reach 5.3%, meaning it was actually worse than they predicted.

And while Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen continues to play down the problem and claims that it is only a temporary matter, there is no sign that inflation is going to reverse course anytime soon.

Just imagine how expensive things might be this time next year.