Biden Admin Actively Intervening and Sabotaging Efforts In Investigation

( If it wasn’t bad enough that the Biden administration abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan during his failed military withdrawal, it turns out that the president is actually “actively impeding” continuing evacuation efforts in the country.

Is the president really willing to leave people behind in the country, just to hide the fact that large numbers of Americans are still stuck there?

The claim comes from activists and human rights workers who are donating their time and running private evacuation programs to save people in the country. One of those activists is Ben Owen, the chief executive of Flanders Fields, which is an organization that works to help homeless veterans. Own’s organization has begun helping private evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

During an interview with conservative magazine National Review, Owen said that the United States government is “currently tying up several full flights ready to take off by withholding ‘no objection certificates.’”

He said that without those certificates being approved by the White House, countries that host the refugees evacuated from Afghanistan might be accused by the United States of human smuggling.

Not all the people being evacuated are Americans, either. Some are Afghanistan nationals who helped the United States military during the Afghanistan war.

Owen said that all that the countries willing to host these refugees are asking for is for the United States to say, “Go ahead, we don’t care if you do this, we’re not going to help you do it, but we’re also not going to hinder your effort to do it.”

That means that the United States Department is actively impeding the efforts of private citizens to find third countries that can accept flights out of Afghanistan.

So, to be clear, this isn’t even a matter of not wanting to accept the refugees into the United States – it’s a matter of the Biden administration not wanting to approve flights out of Afghanistan to other countries, where refugees can be housed safely.

What is wrong with this president?