Biden Accused of Racial Targeting With Litigation

As the fall season in the United States quickly nears an end and the annual Thanksgiving festivities approach, the majority of Americans are likely looking forward to the mass consumption of turkey, stuffing, cornbread, cranberries, and more. Indeed, the election season of 2023 is only weeks past from occurring, and it is a safe bet to state that the realities of election day are distant memories for most people. While the United States has experienced a period of nearly unprecedented economic, social, and cultural upheaval in the past two and a half years since President Joe Biden entered the oval office, most Americans are even more skeptical of the Republican party opposing him and his radical progressive agenda. In 2023, Republicans were trounced everywhere, losing ground in states like Virginia and New Jersey where the party did exceptionally well in state legislative and gubernatorial elections just two years prior. Issues like abortion, early voting, and the reality that Democrats consistently outspend and out motivate their voting base in comparison to the GOP continues to haunt the party every fall.

Despite this, Biden does remain unpopular among independents, and currently experiences extremely low approval ratings. He is vulnerable, but with the former 45th president of the United States Donald Trump likely to be the Republican nominee in 2024, a rematch of 2020 is likely, and this could help Bidens chances at re-election significantly.

In recent news, Biden has come under fire from the Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Cotton has accused Biden of “Racially Profiling” individuals by attempting to move forward with a nationwide ban on menthol cigarettes. The hypocrisy is unreal; while progressives across the country decriminalize drugs like marijuana and psychedelics, others attempt to ban cigarettes. Due to the fact that many black Americans smoke menthols, Cotton accused Biden of profiling. It is rumored that a group of politicians is attempting to utilize the FDA to ban Menthols.