Bars Settle in Suit Involving Drunk Driver And Dead Bride

As the fall equinox has come and gone after occurring on September 23rd and general patterns of more mild, cooler weather settle in across much of the United States, annual fall festivities commence. Millions of citizens across the nation look forward to the traditions surrounding the autumn season. Family friendly activities such as pumpkin picking and carving, apple picking and pie baking, hayrides, spooky festivals, and of course the Halloween holiday are all hallmarks of the month of October. For adults, a celebration of the Oktoberfest festival is widely regarded by many. Originating in Munich, Germany, the celebration features large crowds, German themed food, folk music, and of course, lots and lots of beer and alcohol. While it is important to have fun and happily enjoy the festivities, it is imperative to take precautions when consuming alcoholic beverages; never drive drunk and always know your limits- drink responsibly. In Munich, Germany, over a several week period it is estimated that some 7 million individuals partook in the celebrations.

While alcohol consumption is widespread in the United States, a far too common occurrence within the nation is that of horrific vehicular accidents surrounding drunk driving. Recently, two South Carolina bar establishments settled a wrongful death lawsuit in relation to a tragic accident. The Crab Shack and The Drop in Bar & Deli are two South Carolina institutions that had previously been named in a wrongful death suit. The bars had been accused of overserving Jamie Lee Komoroski (aged 25). Komoroski, then drunk, got behind the wheel of a car and crashed into a golf cart occupied by Samantha Miller and her husband. The couple had been recently married, and Miller was killed in the horrific accident.

The bars settled with Millers estate, as did the insurance company Progressive. Aric Hutchinson, the husband of Miller, had filed the suit. A trial is set to begin in 2024 determining the fate of Komoroski.