Barack Obama Reportedly Had Hunter Biden Paid Big, Report Finds

( Andrew McCarthy, the former chief assistant United States Attorney and currently a contributor on Fox News, responded to reports on Thursday that President Joe Biden had met with business associates of his son, Hunter Biden, during his time as vice president.

It follows months of shocking revelations about Hunter Biden’s business deals in Ukraine and Russia during his father’s time in the White House, including statements from former business associates of Hunter Biden that Joe Biden would regularly meet with those business associates and play a role in his son’s money-making schemes.

Speaking to “The Story,” McCarthy slammed Hunter Biden and his former business partner Devon Archer who was recently convicted in a fraud case in New York. He said that Hunter and Archer were not in business to “provide value” but were only making money because of their close relationships with people in high-ranking positions in the federal government.

He said that he believes people ought to be “very concerned” about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Joe Biden’s apparent willingness to go along with those deals despite his huge conflict of interest.

Hunter Biden’s continued stake in Chinese private equity firm linked to the Chinese central bank, Bohai Harvest RST Equity Investment Fund Management Co., should also be of major concern to the American people. Despite repeatedly promising to divest from the firm, Hunter Biden’s business entity Skaneateles LLC still holds a 10% share in the firm.

Meanwhile, China continues to be at odds with the United States on basic things like…not operating concentration camps and committing genocide.

McCarthy said that China is America’s “biggest geopolitical problem” and questioned why there has been no investigation into the financial relationship between the Bidens and China.

He added that it was one of the more serious campaign issues that were completely swept under the rug in 2020, and said that it should have been a “curiosity” for American journalists.

You can read the transcript of the interview here. It sounds exactly like what the rest of America is thinking right now, and makes you wonder…why exactly is the media so willing to give Joe Biden a pass on something they would never forgive President Trump for?