Bannon Tells Trump To Get Off Truth Social

( One of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters recently criticized him, saying he needs to pay more attention fighting policy battles and less time chatting on social media.

Steve Bannon, one of Trump’s former advisors, said late last week that the former president spends too much time on his social media platform Truth Social. Bannon made the comments during a recent episode of his podcast that is called “War Room.”

On that episode, he seemingly was speaking directly to Trump when he said:

“You’ve got to get off the Truth.”

The topic of discussion during the podcast was the omnibus spending bill that Congress is currently debating. Should it pass as proposed, federal government agencies would be funded through September 30 of 2023.

Democrats are hoping to pass a spending bill that totals more than $1.5 trillion, and they’re hoping to do so by December 16. That’s the day that the current funding levels for the federal government expire.

Republicans aren’t too happy with how much that spending bill totals, though, and are pushing for some cuts. Those efforts are being led in part by Representative Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the GOP in the House who is the current nominee to be the next Speaker of the House.

Over in the Senate, Alabama’s Richard Shelby told reporters recently that his Republican Party and Democrats are roughly $25 billion apart in their negotiations for the spending package.

On the podcast, Bannon said the bill would “kill the economy.” He also added that it’s a policy battle Trump should be focusing on much more as he’s laying the ground for his 2024 presidential run, rather than spending as much time posting messages to Truth Social.

As Bannon said:

“The president and Mar-a-Lago, you’ve got to get the game up. You’ve got to get better. It’s not just good enough right now. I hate to be so brutally frank, but we’re fighting for the country. You’ve got to get off the Truth, go to get engaged in these battles up here right now because that sets the stage for your second term.”

Bannon provided a statement to Newsweek recently in which he said he believed the former president should “go all-in to defeat” by focusing on many priorities that the conservative party has.

Apparently, Trump’s former advisor believes that Trump’s path to another term in the White House starts now by discussing the major policies of the day, and how he would make things better.

Instead, Trump is spending a lot of time on social media, commenting on past grievances and seemingly avoiding the current major issues of the day. It’s a great opportunity for Trump to start laying the groundwork for his policies and agenda, which is what he’ll have to do if he ultimately wants to get elected.

Many political pundits believe that if Trump only remains focused on airing past grievances and sticking to his same rhetoric, that he is bound to fail again in this next bid for the presidency.