Author Says Royals “Quaking in Their Boots” over Harry’s Upcoming Memoir

( The author of a new book about the breakdown between Prince Harry and Prince William claims the royal family is “quaking in their boots” about Harry’s upcoming memoir.

Christopher Anderson, whose recent book “Brothers and Wives” was dismissed by the palace as a piece of fiction, told Newsweek that Harry’s memoir, due out next year, has the “potential for calamity” and hurt feelings among the Royal family.

Anderson notes the timing of Harry’s upcoming memoir will make the Platinum Jubilee for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II especially awkward for everyone.

He points out that the Queen is 95 and not in good health and needs “all hands on deck” for the Jubilee “and instead you’ve got chaos.” Or, at least according to Christopher Anderson there is chaos.

Anderson is hardly a reliable source. He’s the annoying gossip-monger who has spent decades ginning up controversy around the Royal Family. But Newsweek gives him a platform to make presumptions and channel the royal family’s inner thoughts as if he actually has any idea what they might be thinking.

Anderson doesn’t explain what, if anything, Harry’s memoir could include that would have the royal family “quaking in their boots.” Instead, he stirs the controversy pot envisioning tension over Meghan Markle attending the Queen’s 70th Jubilee.

Will she come?

How will she be treated?

And what happens when Charles becomes King? Will there be more conflicts and tension between the royals and Meghan?

And on and on he goes.

Anderson is the Perez Hilton of the Royal Family. Other than Newsweek, is there anyone who takes this guy seriously?

He tells Newsweek that William is “completely loyal” to Prince Charles. And if Charles is slighted in Harry’s upcoming memoir, William will respond. Anderson postulates that Prince William just might write his own memoir in response to Harry’s memoir.

He then predicts that a “King Charles” would not bestow princely titles on Harry and Meghan’s children – something Meghan claims her children aren’t getting because, you know, racism.