Atlanta Mom Fights Jim Crow 2.0 at Daughter’s School

( When Sharyn Briscoe, the principal for Mary Lin Elementary school in Atlanta decided to segregate second-grade classrooms based on race for the 2020-2021 school year, one mother was outraged and decided to speak out about it.

And last week, Kila Posey appeared on the John Solomon Reports podcast to recount her experience.

Principal Briscoe had divided black students from white – requiring families to choose classrooms, not of their choice, but of their racial group.

And when Posey, whose husband Jason works as the school psychologist, tried to place their daughter with the second-grade teacher they preferred, she was told by principal Briscoe, “That’s not the black class.”

Posey was stunned. She recounts how she told the principal that it was against the law to do that. But Briscoe inexplicably claimed that it wasn’t.

According to Posey, the assistant principal, who is also black, was aware that Briscoe was segregating classrooms by race.

Naturally Posey and her husband went to the Atlanta Public Schools central district office to report the situation. But the central district office confirmed that, yes, Briscoe was segregating the students.

In retaliation for the Poseys actions, Briscoe allegedly tried to get Jason Posey transferred to another school or evicted from his position entirely. She also tried to cancel Kila Posey’s after-school program.

Kila Posey said that there were parents from the school who supported Briscoe’s segregation of classrooms which Posey found frightening.

On top of that, Posey said that her daughter was placed into an early intervention program despite the fact that she was working above grade-level at the time. When they asked the school about the decision, they refused to provide them their daughter’s school records.

It wasn’t until Posey went to the district office that she was able to obtain her daughter’s records. Once she had them, it was clear that her daughter should not have been placed in this program.

The Poseys have filed a complaint with the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. Included in their complaint are recordings of the conversations they had with school administrators.

In addition to filing the complaint, Posey said she is also working with her attorney to provide support for parents facing similar situations.