Ashton Kutcher Says Chinese Communists Are Now Pushing Propaganda In U.S.

( Ashton Kutcher, the heartthrob actor and the co-founder of an organization that defends children against sexual abuse, known as “Thorn,” recently came out and discussed his concern about Chinese communists spreading propaganda in the United States through the popular social media app “Tik Tok.”

Kutcher told “American Optimist” that he thinks that China is also pushing “anti-Taiwanese propaganda” and warned that there could be a huge regulatory battle on the way over TikTok.

If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it’s a Chinese-developed social media app that allows people to share highly-edited short video claps. It’s owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance and was at risk of being banned in the United States under the Trump administration…but not under the Biden administration.

In the interview, Kutcher said that he fears Chinese communists are using the huge platform of millions of users to share propaganda that demonizes Taiwan and dismisses their fight to free themselves from Chinese tyranny.

He said that if he were China, he would want to create a problem in the South China Sea and that he’d utilize TikTok to influence how Americans perceive it.

It’s pretty rare for an actor to talk complete and total sense about this stuff, isn’t it?

He seems to be onto something, too. TikTok reportedly changes its privacy policy recently, following Biden’s inauguration, to require users to accept that their biometric data is recorded on the app and held on their servers. Presumably in China…

The new policy tells users that they may collect “biometric identifiers” including voiceprints and faceprints.

In the interview, which you can watch in the clip below, Kutcher said it’s wrong that social media companies push misinformation and use privacy policies to obtain data, and that he won’t be allowing his kids on social media any time soon.

Kudos to Ashton Kutcher!