Army Accepts Partial Blame For Solider’s Suicide Death

According to the results of an army inquiry released on Wednesday, a 19-year-old female British soldier is suspected to have committed suicide as a result of persistent sexual harassment by her direct superior, which included sending thousands of texts over the course of two months.

The inquiry found that Gunner Jaysley Beck of the Royal Artillery committed suicide at an army base in the south of England in December 2021 after experiencing an extended period of unwanted harassment.

According to the report’s findings, in October 2021, Beck at Larkhill Camp, located 86 miles from London, got over 1,000 WhatsApp messages and voicemails from her boss. The next month, that figure rose to almost 3,500.

The study, which does not identify the superior who sent the messages, states that even though this activity stopped a week before her death, it seems to have continued to influence her and had taken a significant toll on her well-being.

Investigators found that family circumstances, including a bereavement, had a role, but the report said that Beck had no documented mental health concerns and did not seek care from the army. Beck’s family did not agree with this judgment.

McCready said that her daughter couldn’t block his phone calls and texts. Respect for superiors is essential, and although Jaysley clearly had respect, blocking him wasn’t exactly an option. She said the emotional toll it had on her was plain to see.

McCready said in July 2021 that her daughter had done very well upon first joining the Army.

She also detailed the Bombardier’s persistent advances and overt displays of jealousy whenever she engaged with any of her male coworkers.

A report shows Beck has reportedly been the victim of sexual abuse by another male soldier. However, that man has already been disciplined. A colleague of Beck’s submitted the sexual harassment claim to superiors in the army, leading to a slight punishment and an apology letter from the offender.

The coroner has yet to identify the reason for the soldier’s death and other details surrounding her passing.