AOC Slams Democrats For Not Following Her Demands

( Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once again proved her ignorance, wrongly claiming that the United States Senate is somehow “fundamentally undemocratic” – seemingly because the Senate doesn’t deliver her extremist ideas.

After the news that moderate Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin would not support the extreme “Build Back Better” legislation promoted by President Joe Biden and radical Democrats, AOC slammed the decision and said the Senate was undemocratic in the way that it operates.

Incredibly, though, AOC seemed to forget that the point of representative democracy – even though the U.S. is a constitutional republic and not a democracy – is to give elected representatives the opportunity to make decisions on behalf of the voters, and risk being voted out if they make the wrong decision. Senator Joe Manchin’s decision not to support the “Build Back Better” bill and its multi-trillion-dollar spending agenda was based on his desire to do the right thing by West Virginia voters and the American people.

“Just the fact that you can go on Fox News and say I don’t feel like voting for this, or I don’t think I’m going to do it. Having that not scheduled a vote, the idea that would happen in the House of Representatives is unheard of,” Ocasio-Cortez said.


He can’t go on Fox News and say that he isn’t voting for an extremist spending plan?

AOC added that she believes it is “extremely important” to create an “environment of pressure” that involves threats. She said that she wants to do everything she can, including taking food out of his kids’ mouths, to make him take the vote.

Incredible, right?

She wants to force him to vote but doesn’t realize that even if there is a vote – and Manchin has welcomed a vote on the spending plan, even during his recent Fox News interview – he won’t be voting for it.

“I mean, it is unconscionable the way the Senate operates. It’s fundamentally undemocratic,” she wrongly claimed.

AOC is fundamentally undemocratic, not the Senate.