AOC Finally Caves, Pledges to Vote Biden in November

(PatrioticPost.Com)- Talks between the Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden camp might have proven productive, as Sanders diehards are admitting defeat and pledging support for Biden. One of the highest-profile instances of this is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the far-left congresswoman from New York who supported Sanders from the very beginning.

The authoritarian socialist Democratic lawmaker has repeatedly said that Biden has work to do to win over “progressives” like her, and it looks like Biden might have done whatever it is she wanted.

During a live stream discussion on Instagram, with a rapper named Fat Joe, Ocasio-Cortez revealed who she planned to vote for.

Fat Joe asked her, “It’s three things you can do: You can vote for Trump, you can vote for Biden, or you can not vote at all. Who you going to vote for?”

AOC wasn’t shy about her response, stating with certainty, “In November, I’m going to be voting for Joe Biden.”

“But that’s what I’m going to be doing,” she said.

Fat Joe knew it was the first time she had made the pledge.

“I mean, I’ve been saying this whole time that we got to support the Democratic nominee,” AOC added. “This is the time where I’m saying it declaratively like this.”

AOC could be just what Joe Biden needs to help his campaign. On the night of his Super Tuesday victories, he told crowds of supporters (admittedly not large…) that he “hears” the Sanders supporters and hopes they’ll get on board with his campaign.

Former President Barack Obama also reportedly spent many hours on the phone with failed candidate Bernie Sanders, telling him that he has already succeeded in shifting the Democratic Party’s platform significantly to the left. Now, Biden needs to win over the young supporters Sanders picked up along the way.

Should Biden win the November election, he will be the oldest man elected president in American history. For this reason alone, he needs people like AOC on board to help improve his image among young people. The endorsement of President Barack Obama recently may also help him along the way.