AOC Aids And Abets Illegals By Telling Them To Apply For Welfare

( In late June President Biden announced that parents with children would start receiving monthly payments beginning in July. And apparently Left wing advocacy groups and progressives in Congress fear that illegal aliens won’t know that they can take advantage of this taxpayer-funded windfall if they are the parents of anchor babies.

So to make sure non-citizens in New York City know they can sign up for the money, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and fellow Democrats Nydia Velázquez and Jerry Nadler held a press event at the Ted Weiss Federal Building in New York letting illegal aliens know how to obtain their slice of the pie.

Now, it wasn’t just for illegal aliens. The purpose of the press event was also to inform people who don’t pay income taxes how to get their tax credit as well.

While it sounds completely illegal for non-citizens to belly up to the trough and get their fill of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars, sadly it isn’t illegal at all.

So long as one member of their family (usually a child born to illegals on US soil) is deemed a citizen (AKA anchor baby) with a social security number, the parents are qualified to receive this tax credit.

Sure, it sounds criminal. But it is perfectly legal for illegals to benefit from this child tax credit.

Watch Ocasio-Cortez deliver the good news to illegal aliens in New York HERE.

The Democrats made no secret that they want to provide welfare programs to non-citizens.

Every single 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate famously raised their hand when asked if their healthcare plan would cover illegal aliens.

The outrageous thing isn’t that what Ocasio-Cortez suggests is illegal.

The outrageous thing is that it isn’t illegal.

The outrage is that illegal aliens can create a citizen just by giving birth in the United States, then use that baby citizen to exploit the American welfare state.

More than twenty years ago, economist Milton Freidman said “you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state.” But that is what we have. And so long as non-citizens know that they can exploit the US welfare system simply by crossing the border and having a child, they’ll keep doing it in droves.