Anti-Semite Al Sharpton Invited On TV To Lecture Us On Anti-Semitism

( Former President Donald Trump’s decision to host a dinner for Kanye West after the rapper’s string of anti-Semitic comments has caused all kinds of problems for the fledgling Trump 2024 presidential campaign.

West arrived at Mar-a-Lago last week with white nationalist Nick Fuentes and the controversial “alt-right” troll Milo Yiannopoulos who also dined with the former president and current presidential candidate.

As soon as the news blew up, Trump was forced to issue several defenses, claiming he didn’t know Fuentes and arguing that he had only invited West and not the others.

Many critics quickly noted that inviting Kanye was bad enough, given the rapper’s Jew-hating comments in recent weeks and the controversy around them.

Unsurprisingly, the media went bananas over the story, with CNN and MSNBC leading the charge that Donald Trump rubs elbows with anti-Semites and white supremacists and demanding every elected Republican “disavow” the dinner.

But MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” didn’t exactly cover itself in glory when it featured the “My Dinner With Anti-Semites” story.

Of all the people on the planet who could have addressed the problem of anti-Semitism, “Morning Joe” decided to go with noted anti-Semite Al Sharpton.

Yeah, really. They brought on the guy who, in 1991, started a riot in the Jewish neighborhood of Crown Heights in which over 190 were injured and two people died.

“Morning Joe” might as well have invited David Duke or Ilhan Omar.

During his appearance on “Morning Joe,” Sharpton accused Donald Trump and the Republican Party of tolerating anti-Semitism because “deep down” they are bigots. He said the only reason Republicans would tolerate this is that they have “some hidden bias.”

Ironically, in 2000, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough sponsored a resolution while in Congress condemning Sharpton for his “vicious verbal anti-Semitic attacks directed at members of the Jewish faith.” The resolution also called Sharpton out for inciting “violence, riots, and murder” in the Crown Heights incident.