Andrew McCabe Gets Pension Back Despite Lying to Investigators

( Last week the Justice Department reversed former FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s firing, claiming that the Trump administration unlawfully terminated him on the eve of his retirement for political purposes.

As a result of this reversal, McCabe will be granted full retirement, allowing him to receive his pension and benefits, as well as $200,000 in missed pension payments.

This, despite the fact that the DOJ’s own Inspector General Michael Horowitz determined that McCabe repeatedly lied about leaking to the media.

In 2018, Horowitz released a report detailing multiple instances where McCabe “lacked candor” with FBI Director James Comey, FBI investigators, and with the IG itself about his authorizing the leak of sensitive information to the Wall Street Journal revealing the existence of an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Horowitz’s report concluded that there was substantial evidence McCabe misled investigators “knowingly and intentionally.” He wrote that McCabe’s actions were “designed to advance his personal interests at the expense of Department leadership,” determining that McCabe had violated both the FBI and the DOJ’s media policy which constituted misconduct “in an attempt to make himself look good.”

In light of the IG’s report, on March 2018, just before McCabe was set to retire, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired him.

And all of that just got memory-holed by the Biden Justice Department.

In addition to giving him his pension retroactively, the Justice Department also agreed to expunge his termination from FBI personnel records.

McCabe sued over his dismissal claiming that the reason Sessions fired him was because McCabe refused to swear loyalty to President Trump. His attorneys also claimed his termination was political retribution for his involvement in the RussiaGate hoax.

Sure. It’s just a coincidence he got fired after the Inspector General determined he lied repeatedly to investigators.

In a statement after the DOJ’s decision, McCabe said he hoped the reversal of his firing will encourage future civil servants to stand up for the truth.

Says the man who got fired for repeatedly lying.

McCabe also said that politics shouldn’t play a role “in the fair administration of justice.”

That’s rich coming from a guy whose termination was reversed by the very politicized Biden Justice Department. If politics didn’t play a role, Andrew McCabe’s firing would stand and he wouldn’t see a single dime of his pension.