Andrew Cuomo Asks How He Profited Off Dead New Yorkers

( New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has still not resigned despite over half a dozen accusations of sexual improprieties and harassment, was asked a pretty confrontational question on Thursday by a brave journalist.

Cuomo was asked about how he has “profited off the backs of dead New Yorkers” after publishing a book about “leadership” during the COVID era, despite his state being one of the worst affected and worst managed states in the country.

The governor was visibly displeased about the question and refused to answer it.

The journalist explained that his book deal was worth more than $5 million, and asked how he felt about making such a huge sum of money while so many people in his state were suffering the economic damage of lockdowns and the deaths of their family members.

Remember, this is the guy that authorized the sending of COVID-19 patients into nursing homes in his state, resulting in potentially untold thousands of people unnecessarily dying.

“That’s stupid, next question,” Cuomo simply responded.

Isn’t the whole point of press conferences to be held accountable by the people and the press?

“American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” was released before the COVID pandemic even came close to being over, and around the time that Cuomo’s orders to send COVID patients into nursing homes became a national scandal.

Cuomo has still failed to take responsibility for nursing home deaths in the state, and continues to refuse to engage in discussion about accusations made against him by several women who claim he was sexually inappropriate or aggressive toward them.

But the governor may not get away with it forever.

This month it was revealed how federal investigators had interviewed the chairman of the state Senate Health Committee as part of an ongoing probe into the governor’s handling of the pandemic, and his profiting off the back of the crisis.