American Patriot Doxxed By Leftist Mob

( A Texas man who bravely confronted gun-wielding Black Lives Matter Extremists who blocked a road in Plano on Friday night has been doxed, demonstrating yet again how low far-left radicals are willing to stoop in their effort to transform America.

In the shocking video below, you’ll see BLM activists screaming at the man who got out of his truck to tell them to move their protest and allow people to pass.

“Get the f*ck out of the road!” she shouted in frustration.

Far-left extremists can be seen smugly blocking the road and wandering between the cars, all at a standstill, holding signs and shouting, “What do we want? Justice!”

How much “justice” do these people want…and what exactly does justice mean nowadays?

The brave man who got out of his truck can be seen getting visibly angry with local police officers who didn’t seem to be doing very much about moving the angry protesters, either.

Meanwhile, BLM activists stood in the background holding their phones and filming the incident, no doubt trying to prove that the man stuck in traffic was the bad guy.

Just take a look at the title of the video we linked to above. “White racist swings at Kamona Young, a Black woman” the title reads.

Nobody knew anything about this man, particularly that he was a “racist.” But they wrote it anyway.

Soon enough, the man’s personal details were released by the Twitter mob, including directions to his home and the business at which he works.

We are deliberately leaving those tweets out of this article.

Even after Joe Biden was “elected” and Derek Chauvin found guilty in the George Floyd trial (after Rep. Maxine Waters potentially intimidated the jury by calling on protesters to get “more confrontational” if he wasn’t convicted), BLM extremists are still blocking roads and intimidating regular Americans.