Amazon Deploys AI Training Program For Millions

On Monday, Amazon’s e-commerce behemoth unveiled its new “AI Ready” project, intending to provide two million individuals with free AI training by 2025.

In a news release, Amazon said the most revolutionary technology of our time is artificial intelligence, and anyone with a thirst for knowledge may benefit from AI training, and only then can we unleash AI’s full potential to solve humanity’s most challenging issues.

Five courses will be free for developers and technical audiences, while three will be available to business executives and nontechnical audiences, as stated in the news announcement. The total number of courses offered by the firm is eight.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Access Partnership recently surveyed enterprises and found that 92% anticipate utilizing AI tools in the next five years, with 93% of employers expecting to use generative AI technologies in the same period.

The announcement on AI Ready by Amazon draws on a survey by AWS, which indicated that 73 percent of companies are looking to hire people with AI skills and are prepared to pay 47 percent more for such individuals.

On Monday, Amazon announced that it will be awarding twelve million dollars in scholarship money to over fifty thousand students from both high school and college so that they may enroll in a course on generative AI offered by the online education platform Udacity.

Top IT companies are increasing pay and perks to attract and retain highly skilled AI staff, a significant challenge in the current job market.

Amazon increased the basic salary cap for corporate workers to $350,000 in February, double the previous ceiling.

The IT behemoth also increased its stock-based compensation range by at least 25%.

The company is now valued at over $27 billion, and workers are being informed that they may lock in packages at this valuation and see a jump in value when the share sale concludes.