Almost All Networks Covered Huge Biden Gaffe, In Sign of Biden Weakness

( According to the Media Research Center, the major broadcast networks ran interference for President Joe Biden after he was caught on camera calling Fox News reporter Peter Doocy “a stupid son of a bitch.”

Not particularly shocking, is it?

Of course the media covered for the guy. They always cover for Biden.

MRC reviewed the coverage after Biden’s profane remarks, and ABC, CBS, and NBC all commiserated with Biden, offering their sympathy over how frustrating it must be dealing with reporters.

“CBS Mornings” co-host Tony Dokoupil made excuses for hot-head Joe, explaining the pressure was building and the frustrated president had a “profane hot mic moment” because Doocy asked a question about a different subject. Then he added, “It’s not easy being President” musing that Biden must be learning that “anew this morning.”

No doubt Tony Dokoupil would’ve felt differently if the President was named “Trump.”

Over at ABC’s “Good Morning America,” senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce put the onus on Peter Doocy, explaining that maybe Doocy shouldn’t have touched on a subject that “struck a nerve with the President.”

Yes, heaven forbid Peter Doocy ask Biden about the worst inflation in forty years. Doesn’t he know Biden might get frustrated by that? Stick to asking what ice cream flavor he got, Doocy! What’s wrong with you?!

Mary Bruce was especially concerned that Biden had to answer so many tough questions as if reporters shouldn’t ask the President of the United States about Ukraine, Russia, the economy, or inflation.

NBC’s “Today” didn’t even play the clip of hot-head Joe. Instead, White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell simply described Biden’s “stupid son of a bitch” remark as an “insulting response.” Like Mary Bruce, O’Donnell wanted her viewers to know that poor Joe was just frustrated.

Imagine the airtime the broadcast networks would have devoted to President Trump calling a reporter a “stupid son of a bitch.” They would still be screaming about it a week later.

But for Biden’s comment, ABC News devoted only 53 seconds of airtime. CBS spent one minute and eight seconds on it. And NBC devoted a whopping one minute and thirty-five seconds.